Most things we love have true meaning.

For years every week of our summer vacation Ronnie would grab the Coastal Fisherman paper.  It would get folded up and stuffed in the beach bag each day.  It would fade from the sun.  It would crinkle from the water.  But it was read from cover to cover.  That's how we knew what to use for bait while flounder fishing.....

Even so, we were surprised when Tim caught this 'keeper' flounder back in 2010.

So we put it on ice - (for dinner)

I got to see the 'eyes' up close (and personal).  Now I see how they lay on the bottom and see.

And the teeth?  hmmm

And nothing must do but for Ronnie to send in Tim's picture to be published in the Coastal Fisherman!

Ronnie visited Oyster Bay Bait & Tackle shop often so got to know a lady named Sue.  He even called Sue and asked if she could save us a paper for us to pick up the next time we were in town.

And sure enough, it was there waiting for us.  But not long after that, Sue got sick.  She went to her eternal life last year and is certainly missed by all.  I don't think she met a stranger and didn't mind sharing her knowledge about what bait to use and what was being caught.

So this year when we stopped in, we had to purchase these shirts -

It is so cool to know that a reef is being built in memory of her.  These are the little things that mean the most.  Very, very cool.

Wouldn't be awesome to be remembered like this?


It was a FULL day =)

One of Ronnie's high school friends invited us to his/his Dad's church for Friends and Family Day.  The service was to be followed by a meal.  I was kinda excited, hehe.

We weren't disappointed.  It was one rockin' church.  The church was very welcoming.  Very quaint.  We knew just a few people but were welcomed with hugs and hand shakes.

We will definitely go again.

We didn't have time to enjoy the 'meal' because we didn't want to miss the Little Miss Jefferson County Fair pageant...

We picked up some flowers -

this little princess did a great job -

Sooooo close - 1st runner up but she is of course a winner to us.  She still has two more years so we'll see.  She was just too cute!

Even though Cierra doesn't show sheep any more, we still enjoy watching.  It was neat seeing Reba's baby -

Dinner at our Fav Fair Food -

Tomorrow's another busy day....but we LOVE the fair!

Ready for the week!

Seven days of fun starting this afternoon.  Pageant.  Sheep show.  Truck and tractor pull.  Our schedule is marked!

But first, we are heading to church =)  I am very excited.


The last one.......whew!

Yep!  Our last child is heading into his Senior year - and I think at the end of this, we will ALL celebrate =)

Lisa @ Tiptoe did an awesome job last week with his 'informal' pictures.  I think you will agree -

Here's to an awesome senior year!


Spaghetti Squash -

I was so excited to try to make Spaghetti Squash after picking this recipe up (and a squash) at one of our favorite produce stops on the way home from Ocean City -

I followed the directions and cut it in half -

I scooped the seeds out -

and covered it up with plastic wrap -

then in the microwave for 8 minutes -

and then out to see........

looked soft enough so i started taking a fork and pulling it away from the skin outside.  And look what I got!

It was soooo Yummy!  I can't wait to get some more.  I need to check out other recipes for this, I just used salt and pepper with a little bit of butter.  


HAPPY, Happy Birthday Cinderella!

I am sorry I am not there to enjoy your day with you AND I'm missing dinner but hopefully I will be there before the clock strikes 12 =)

I wish you the best day ever, just like you deserve.  I love you very much.


The angels are singing....

Happy 93rd birthday to Ma.....Happy Birthday to you!  We miss you.


Just another Manic Monday!

N O T!  It was anything but a normal Monday....Lucky us.  But let me back up to Sunday first =)

After watching the sunrise Sunday morning, it was breakfast for us.  Leftover scallops and shrimp make a perfect omlet.

Then off to the beach awaiting the kids arrival but not before stopping by the 'locker room' to grab some chairs.  Very nice to be able to come in the side door, rinse your stuff off and store in the locker before heading up to the condo.  Very well thought out.

A very pretty day on the beach.  Cierra and Blake arrived in enough time to come out and enjoy the 'normal beach day views' .

Even a 'wipe out' -

Let me take a quick break for an advertisement -

Anyone had these yet?  They ARE addicting!

And then it was time to relax - Chase and Mal arrived.  Safe and sound even though there was an accident on the Bay Bridge.  Ugh.  Mal chose spaghetti for dinner.  SURPRISE, haha.  Never - that girl would eat spaghetti every day -

There was another beautiful moon -

And who would pass up Dumsers before bed?  Not us OR the security guard of our building. So three it is!

And don't forget to use the crosswalks.  We have seen so many people not do so and for the most part they are dressed in dark clothing.  Who told them we can see them?!

A good night's sleep (we missed the sunrise) and a quick breakfast of cereal then out we go - Beautiful flowers -

Beautiful children -

And then what we have all been waiting for!  307 Boats registered -

we get there around 5 and missed a 86 lb. white marlin come in.  There was a nice breeze and a LOT of people.  Pretty boats -

The guy we see every year - check out his hat lol

The lady that donates her time to cutting up the donated fish -

The State police helicopter -

Even a Drone.  I totally want a drone.

We watched for the flags - flying upside down or right side up.

Beautiful boats with awesome drivers that get in to check-in with just a few moves -

The fish?  Well, there's a 550 lb blue marlin - and a white marlin (that didn't quite make weight)

Some dauphin, wahoo, big eye, yellowfin....oh my!  It was definitely a good day out there.  295 of the 307 went out, I'd say we should see some fish!

We had already planned on Thrashers and burgers for dinner but I couldn't help but snap some shots of this boat on the way in to the inlet -

Yummy food -

Family time -

and Dad's bench is right between the Atlantic Stand and the Cork Street bar.  (more to come on that)

No ice cream for us but it's so nice to sit on the balcony and listen to the waves crash.  We even slept with the door cracked to sleep to the sound.

And now it's Tuesday - another beautiful day in our little paradise.