And we're OFF!

We left yesterday morning shortly after 7, heading for Ocean City.  We LOVE, love this place, with both of us raised knowing that just 'was' the summer vacation spot.

We were trying to beat traffic.  But oh my....it was heavy -

Luckily once we got to the toll plaza our lane was open =)

And there's just something about crossing over to the Eastern Shore.

Traffic remained really heavy so we decided to stop at our fav pizza place in Salisbury -

Perfect!  Thin crust, yummy sauce and cheese with pepperoni and sweet peppers.

One of the 'four on the shore' wineries is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday so we wanted to stop by and see Kathryn - she is so fun to chat with.

Then off to our final destination -

We made it to the check-in location just a little early, hehe so had some time to kill.  Well, we might as well hit the other winery -  let's get these two annual stops out of the way.

And this pretty bottle with the 4 arrow heads has a story....a few years ago Ronnie and the owner Adrian sat at one of the tables in the winery enjoying a bottle and talked for a few hours about the name for a blend.  Adrian told the story of these arrow heads and a man that lived/worked on the farm (which used to be grapes for Welch's).  Ronnie thought about it for a little bit and then threw out "Four Winds".  Well lookie here.....it worked!  And now we have our own special bottle.

Then it was time to check-in.

Ah!  Finally -

This place is beautiful -

With quaint little touches and a perfect view!

All checked-in, settled, but the cupboards are bare.  Time for the dreaded chore....Walmart.  U.G.H.

Two hours later we make it back to the condo and a get our 'buggy' to fill up.

This is the view from the front side of our condo.  Beautiful sunset right over Seacrets.

We chilled out on the balcony for a while, trying to figure out where we wanted to eat.  And on the way out, we caught the moon.  Beautiful.

Dinner here -

No complaints about the scallops, or stuffed shrimp along with the extras -

At 5:44 this morning the sky was 'orange' -

Sunrise @ 6:03

So I would say our first day was pretty darn good.  Sunrise at home, sunset on the bay, moon on the ocean and sunrise this morning.  We are very blessed.

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