Most things we love have true meaning.

For years every week of our summer vacation Ronnie would grab the Coastal Fisherman paper.  It would get folded up and stuffed in the beach bag each day.  It would fade from the sun.  It would crinkle from the water.  But it was read from cover to cover.  That's how we knew what to use for bait while flounder fishing.....

Even so, we were surprised when Tim caught this 'keeper' flounder back in 2010.

So we put it on ice - (for dinner)

I got to see the 'eyes' up close (and personal).  Now I see how they lay on the bottom and see.

And the teeth?  hmmm

And nothing must do but for Ronnie to send in Tim's picture to be published in the Coastal Fisherman!

Ronnie visited Oyster Bay Bait & Tackle shop often so got to know a lady named Sue.  He even called Sue and asked if she could save us a paper for us to pick up the next time we were in town.

And sure enough, it was there waiting for us.  But not long after that, Sue got sick.  She went to her eternal life last year and is certainly missed by all.  I don't think she met a stranger and didn't mind sharing her knowledge about what bait to use and what was being caught.

So this year when we stopped in, we had to purchase these shirts -

It is so cool to know that a reef is being built in memory of her.  These are the little things that mean the most.  Very, very cool.

Wouldn't be awesome to be remembered like this?

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