Just a little taste -

So - a few weeks ago Mrs. Kathy called me from my favorite quilt shop.  She asked if I could come over Monday evening for an open house.  After making sure I already didn't have something, I committed.  I have to say I was just a little excited.  It had been a long time since I had visited.

As anticipated, I was greeted with open arms, coffee and cupcakes.  Wilsons is introducing their new "brother" =)

Oh my - it was SO fun to use.  Look at the big screen -

and scan in a picture -

adjust on the screen -

and embroider!  Oh my goodness.  It can even stipple.  Woohoo!  Definitely on my wish list.

And of course now I have the fever -  I'll start with an easy one....cut my squares

Cut the padding -

Pin together -

then sew the X -

Hoping for the finished product by midnight Wednesday - I might be burning the midnight oil =)

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