Oh What a BEAUTIFUL day!

Coffee - Sunshine - Bayview....perfect start!

And a beautiful morning for a ride -

Next up - breakfast - Once again our breakfast preference didn't work out.  CLOSED until 4:30.  Of course I said "that's it....we are NOT supposed to eat here this trip"!  LOL

But this place looked very inviting...

And as soon as I walked in, this beautiful quilt was hanging as a raffle.

Yep - bought my tickets and it will work out just fine that the drawing is Thanksgiving weekend....I'll be in town already so can just swing by and pick up my win =)

Breakfast was awesome!  We even had 'apple pie moonshine' for dessert, ha!

Time to swing by and grab our ridding partners -

we decided to head to Seaford, Delaware first.  What a beautiful ride.  And of course that place was hopping! ALL kinds of bikes  -

Time to head to Perdue Stadium and Winter Place Park - oh but wait!  Not until we stop and get a picture of the place Ronnie had one of his birthday parties hehe

And then we arrive - into the sea of bikes!

Not really too impressed with what was there so we hit the shuttle

And just so you know, as usual I wasn't paying attention so when I stopped in the middle of the road to take this picture, lots of bikes had to stop too.  Yep.....I caused a scene, LOL

over to Winter Place Park - nothing like some Twisted Tea =)

Just a few things to look at here then back on the shuttle to get back to the bikes.  And our final stop for the day?!  YAY - We get to see NANNY!!

Always fun chatting with her.  She loves to give me a hard time about the sporadic updates to our blog =(

We made it through the Friday night traffic and Ronnie even started a little project --

Time to stay out of his way.....I think I'll just enjoy the view -

and Pizza it was!

Fun fun day!  Now off to breakfast, the 'bench blessing' and Chincoteague!

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