Family Day -

Saturday of OC Bikefest was spent with family -  It was a beautiful day (well except for the little shower we ran into =)

After the 'bench blessing' we headed over the bridge 

and into Chincoteague - 

LOVE this little town.....Ronnie has so many memories from this water town and we brought the kids here a few times for the annual pony swim.  We were on a mission to get to the Assateague Lighthouse.  Ronnie had heard that you can now walk up (the last time we were here you couldn't).  And there it is - off in the distance.

And we made it -

We parked our bikes and met up with Saylor and Orly then quickly realized the lighthouse actually closed at 2:30.  It was 2:35 =(

But we walked up the trail with high hopes -

And what a beauty!

We couldn't go in - just missed the last group but we took some selfies -

Then rode to the beach, stopping to check out the ponies along the way -

Such a beautiful place -

We found a great place for lunch -

An oyster sandwich for Ronnie -

And homemade chicken salad for me - the proof was in the mix....my own little wishbone ;)

And even though we really weren't hungry, we had to have Mr. Whippies icecream before we left the island -

Some of us even had two (j/k)

Such a fun day with my sister and bro-in-law and this cute couple -

And last but certainly not least we had to stop at one of Ronnie's all time fav kid stops -

All he wanted was a cherry coke so I had to run in just to make sure they still made them.  Sure enough this special lady said "YEP"

before I saw the menu, ha!

Ronnie talked to her for a while and reminisced about old time then requested 7 straws to share his dream drink -

I think all of us tried a sip but he was able to enjoy most of it -

I mean who could really take any amount from this happy kid?!

Then back over the bridge and away from the sunset -

We were hurrying to make it to our balcony before it was completely gone -  YES!!

A quick run later for some subs (another biker friendly joint)

And before we knew it the night was gone.  With the dreaded facing us in the morning......having to leave the sand and sea.  I hate to leave but there's always a part I leave there.  Just so I have to go back. xoxo

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