The Bench -

At the Beach - Where you can sit and chat with my Dad =)

The Bench - that faces the ocean.  It's close to Thrashers and a few other places he used to enjoy.    Wayyyy back in the day, while we soaked up the sun.

On Sunday Pastor Joanna 'blessed his bench'.  It was a perfect little service where she wrote/read a poem just for Dad -

In a sunny spot resides a new bench,
It would be a perfect place to sit on the boardwalk
with children sitting at your feet teaching them all that
you know about animals, about the great outdoors,
from a time when they experienced in person
not on the Discovery Channel, not on TV.

You could read a book to them there too
you could sit quietly in the sunshine 
and nurse an unfortunate animal back to health.

You could just sit, your coffee in hand and take it all in
or let it all out, your choice.

But you will never do any of these things on this bench
in the sunny spot among the planks and concrete and
smooth river rocks painted in your honor by the children 
to whom you are missed because the bench is dedicated 
with your name on it in memory of you.

It was a heart warming day.  Every summer at least once he took me there.  Because of that, a part of my heart will always be by the sea.  And now, I can sit and chat with hm each time we visit......praying that he hears me and wishing so he could talk back.  

Once the dedication was complete, Pastor Joanna passed out rocks - river rocks - painted with his favorite words.  PERFECT!

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