Friends vs. Acquaintances ?

Ronnie and I have met a lot of people over the past several years as we have visited wineries in the Virginia and Maryland circuits.  Some we have become friends with and some simply acquaintances. in both scenarios, fun is always to be had.  

On Saturday evening we were to attend the Doukenie Fall Concert.  Unfortunately the rain caused an issue which resulted in the 'concert' being cancelled.  Maria still wanted us to all come over so they stayed open until 9.  

We enjoyed the music of these two -

while tasting the newest release....Zeus.

Debra is very talented -

And it was great talking with them.  We laughed.  We attempted to get them 8 more 'likes' on Facebook.  We talked about where we live, what we do and what's on our agendas next.  These two are actually going to live solely in Nashville in the next few weeks.  

We talked about what it's like there and agreed that we need to visit.  REAL soon =)  So we can now say we have 'acquaintances' in Nashville.  The Hummingbyrds!  And we knew them way back when =)

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