OC Bike Week (weekend =)

Yep, we decided to come this year -  so we loaded up the bike and hit the trail yesterday afternoon.  We decided on a small place since it was just the two of us - This place was awesome to work with -

We got our keys and goodie bag -

Then arrived -

It will do!

Unloaded the bike -

Parked the trailer -

Unpacked our stuff - Then went for a quick ride to check in with my sister and bro-in-law.  Still kinda quiet out there.  I would guess today will be pretty busy though.

Because we watched were hooked on the view -

It was too late to go to one of our favorite restaurants so we stopped here....we have wanted to check it out.

And we weren't disappointed!  Ronnie got a oyster burger -

and I chose the fresh blackened salmon - Yes, I was an expensive date, LOL

but it was AWESOME!

And to wrap up the evening.....ice cream it was!

So I'd say it was a pretty good 'kick-off' for the weekend.  Happy Friday!

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