Happy Birthday!

I hope all your birthday wishes come true. Your day is filled with happiness. Your day is productive. You have a great dinner and your birthday is memorable =)

We love you very much -


Happy Memorial Day!

It's time to remember those that have served our country as well as those who have passed....I hope everyone had a great day and weekend!


Time out...

from baseball and the wedding to say 'Happy 4 Month Anniversary' to this cute couple =)

dressed all up or double datin' with the 'rents......

You two are the perfect couple - we love you guys!


I HEAR 'em but I can't SEE 'em....

So we are in Fredericksburg, VA for a baseball tournament and deep in these woods live Cicadas. Ewww.

I was tempted to walk over and see if I could find one but was afraid I would be swarmed, lol.

We're at Patriot Park -

15U Summit Point boys who played together last year and went all the way to the State tournament - 

They are back together suited up in blue and gray - and these two actually played against each other during the High School season but aren't wasting any time catching up!

Chase did good - batting....


even stealing....when he gets on base, he typically scores =)

It was a beautiful day for baseball and now we are back at the fields in the morning at 8:00 a.m.  What a great way to spend the weekend!


SPRING has arrived!

Our weather has been very weird and inconsistent but if you look around our home, Spring has definitely arrived!  My pots are full and I am lovin' life =)

I love spending time at home looking at all the color - 

Just tonight when I left work it was 93 degrees and by the time I got home and the storms passed, we were down to 65.  Yep....weather is weird but I truly think Spring has Sprung =)  Thank goodness!


Ain't in no hurry.....

Just like Zac Brown says...

So....yes, Cierra is 16 and does NOT have her license yet.  But we are OK with that.  We aren't in any hurry nor is she.  These days, it's important to feel confident and really WANT to have your license.  But, Chase certainly gives her a hard time.  They are they only ones that ride the bus to school, lol.  They are the only ones that still get driven to 4H.  And, the list goes on.  Oh well, right?!

But tonight she practiced and we think she has it!

She practiced -

And she checked it out....

and we thought all was good =)

But....after she posted her picture on Instagram....

One of her friends commented that she needs to be in between the curb and white line.  We practiced thinking she needed to be 6" from the white line....SCORE!!!  

UGH!  Looks like we need to do it all over again =)

Stay tuned......she is definitely gonna do this soon!


White, Maroon, Gold.....1, 5 or 31

I was hesitant to blog about this but the season is now over and I can put my thoughts into words -

All good things must come to an end but I hate to see the JHS baseball season end.  We have thoroughly enjoyed watching Chase grow with the high school team this year and when he was asked to step up to play with the Varsity team, we were totally thrilled, excited, humbled, nervous, just maybe "all the above".  

Chase packed up his #1 Maroon and White jerseys for an 'extra' Varsity white.  He became #31 and played his first game as part of the 2013 Sectional playoffs.  He played the entire game in right field and continued for all three games.  This did mean "boyfriend vs. brother", though..and this loving sister/girlfriend made sure she supported both =)

and some heart to heart coaching from the legendary, well known Coach Lowery.

The team advanced!  Yay!  2013 Sectional champs -

And then came the first Regional playoff game tonight and we just couldn't quite pull it off....  The game was lost but there was nothing to be ashamed of.  They lost to one great ball club.  But we still got to watch as his name was called and he ran onto the field -

The national anthem played to kick off the game -

his 'at bat'

and at the end of the night, Ronnie, Cierra and I couldn't be more proud.  

Chase joined this team and put his heart into every practice and game.  He did what he was supposed to.  Put the ball in play.  Play solid defensively and most importantly, understood the opportunity before him playing with the 'big' guys.  He was truly grateful for this opportunity.

So now all the uniforms get washed and turned back in until next year.  One pair of pants bit the dust - many games were played in these white pants which were washed, pre-treated, repeat, repeat, lol....

And now, what will 2013-14 bring?  Not sure but I know we are already excited =)  

I have decided.....

to follow Jesus =)  LOL.  (I say that frequently to my BFF)  And while that's true, I have ultimately decided to keep Crockett's Corner alive.  Yep, I have some work to do but we are alive and well!

The Corner is somewhat back to normal.  While things will never, ever be what they were, life is pretty good these days.  Yep, I miss my Dad and Yep, I wish I could change some things but all in all, I'm pretty blessed.  I'm still lovin' the "keep calm and carry on" philosophy and will incorporate that into my new, coming soon Blog header/layout.

So, welcome back.  I hope you stay around and I'm going to do my best to keep things current.  I have so much to say....so much has happened and there's soooo much yet to come.  Thanks for your commitment....XOXO