White, Maroon, Gold.....1, 5 or 31

I was hesitant to blog about this but the season is now over and I can put my thoughts into words -

All good things must come to an end but I hate to see the JHS baseball season end.  We have thoroughly enjoyed watching Chase grow with the high school team this year and when he was asked to step up to play with the Varsity team, we were totally thrilled, excited, humbled, nervous, just maybe "all the above".  

Chase packed up his #1 Maroon and White jerseys for an 'extra' Varsity white.  He became #31 and played his first game as part of the 2013 Sectional playoffs.  He played the entire game in right field and continued for all three games.  This did mean "boyfriend vs. brother", though..and this loving sister/girlfriend made sure she supported both =)

and some heart to heart coaching from the legendary, well known Coach Lowery.

The team advanced!  Yay!  2013 Sectional champs -

And then came the first Regional playoff game tonight and we just couldn't quite pull it off....  The game was lost but there was nothing to be ashamed of.  They lost to one great ball club.  But we still got to watch as his name was called and he ran onto the field -

The national anthem played to kick off the game -

his 'at bat'

and at the end of the night, Ronnie, Cierra and I couldn't be more proud.  

Chase joined this team and put his heart into every practice and game.  He did what he was supposed to.  Put the ball in play.  Play solid defensively and most importantly, understood the opportunity before him playing with the 'big' guys.  He was truly grateful for this opportunity.

So now all the uniforms get washed and turned back in until next year.  One pair of pants bit the dust - many games were played in these white pants which were washed, pre-treated, repeat, repeat, lol....

And now, what will 2013-14 bring?  Not sure but I know we are already excited =)  

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