I have decided.....

to follow Jesus =)  LOL.  (I say that frequently to my BFF)  And while that's true, I have ultimately decided to keep Crockett's Corner alive.  Yep, I have some work to do but we are alive and well!

The Corner is somewhat back to normal.  While things will never, ever be what they were, life is pretty good these days.  Yep, I miss my Dad and Yep, I wish I could change some things but all in all, I'm pretty blessed.  I'm still lovin' the "keep calm and carry on" philosophy and will incorporate that into my new, coming soon Blog header/layout.

So, welcome back.  I hope you stay around and I'm going to do my best to keep things current.  I have so much to say....so much has happened and there's soooo much yet to come.  Thanks for your commitment....XOXO

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