Ain't in no hurry.....

Just like Zac Brown says...

So....yes, Cierra is 16 and does NOT have her license yet.  But we are OK with that.  We aren't in any hurry nor is she.  These days, it's important to feel confident and really WANT to have your license.  But, Chase certainly gives her a hard time.  They are they only ones that ride the bus to school, lol.  They are the only ones that still get driven to 4H.  And, the list goes on.  Oh well, right?!

But tonight she practiced and we think she has it!

She practiced -

And she checked it out....

and we thought all was good =)

But....after she posted her picture on Instagram....

One of her friends commented that she needs to be in between the curb and white line.  We practiced thinking she needed to be 6" from the white line....SCORE!!!  

UGH!  Looks like we need to do it all over again =)

Stay tuned......she is definitely gonna do this soon!

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