Saturday plans -

Our plan for Saturday was to go to the Annual Cardboard Boat race –

But we ‘heard at the market’ 

that it was canceled due to the rain.  So….we toured the town, 

shopping in the bookstore and gift shop, getting to know some 0f the locals.  So ‘Mayberry’ like which we love.

 In order to get to the Tilghman Island seafood festival, we needed to take the ferry –

Oh my......the garmin is kinda scary!  We are going right through the water =)

We made our way across to St. Michaels then onto Tilghman and sure enough found the seafood fest right on the main drag.  

Along with the market –

 After enjoying some crab cakes and shrimp we headed back to the ferry and then on to Oxford.  It was just a little rainy –

Once back, we stopped for some ice cream.  And not just any ice cream.  This is Scottish ice cream and has made the best ice cream in Maryland for the last 7 years.  Wow. 

I got orange chocolate chip and strawberry. 

Ronnie got strawberry and the ultimate chocolate.  It was very, very good.  I clearly see why it is loved by all.

Schooners is a nice little water front restaurant that we decided would be perfect for dinner……until we got there at 7:45 to learn they had decided to close early.  Like in 15 minutes.  Ummmm not feeling like I want to rush.  It’s Oxford, right?!  So we decided to go to the place we had originally planned –

 And we were not disappointed!  Service was great and food was awesome! 

 The evening turned out so nice – our perfect little table at the end of the patio right next to the water was a perfect finish to the day. 

And we were able to enjoy some candlelight as well -

Then back to the B&B…..breakfast at 9 =)



One of the best things about Bed and Breakfasts' is their breakfast.  Surprise, right?!  And before you even ask, I broke every rule of the 21 day fix this weekend.  Oh well, let's just say I took an anniversary break =)

Our 'breakfast' time was 9:00 so we headed down and found this quaint little table, just for us.

With a place setting that was just perfect -


Yogurt with Fruit

Sausage, Potato Quiche -

To use Abbey's words.....phnonemal !

And morning two - Fresh Fruit -

And Blueberry Baked French Toast.  Y.U.M.

Abby is a great chef, baker, cook - her cookies are out of this world, too.



that my obsession with white picket fences is out in the open -

it's time to go back to this story -

Friday was filled with clouds and sprinkles and maybe even a few showers.  With Saturday being our actual anniversary, Ronnie made reservations at the Masthead which is known for their awesome sunsets.  When he made the reservation, he told the lady it would probably be rainy and no sunset for us but she assured him it would be just fine.  She also said that people are willing to eat cardboard to see sunsets from their restaurant.  Really?!  We decided to keep our fingers crossed.

After getting settled into our room, we went out on the dock -

 We love just sitting there.  Watching the water flow.  Watching Blue Herons.  Watching turtles under the water.  Watching nothing.  

It got a little more cloudy as the afternoon went on -

and we finally had to head inside under cover while the rain came.

Once it stopped, we went back out.  The sun came out, too!  woohoo!

The wheels were turning.  Ronnie was adamant that we see a sunset so he checked the time, and decided we would try for a sunset Friday instead of Saturday -

Off we went -

We chose a bottle of wine -

A salad -

and just watched the sun begin to set over the water.  Heaven.  Awesome.  Unexplainable.

It all made sense.

Our food came and it was about as good as the sunset.  Rockfish dinner with a crab cake 'add on'.


We headed back to Combsberry, grabbed a few home made cookies and water from the 'dining room' (that story later) for our late night snack before we dozed off.  Breakfast @ 9:00 a.m.