Thursdays Thoughts...

Ahhhh - a blast from the past!

When Bath & Body works first opened, this was my ultimate Favorite.  And then May Bouquet.  Does anyone remember these?  Well Cierra found some Juniper Breeze a few weeks ago at one of the outlets in OC.  Looks like I'm set for a while but I'm hoping this is back in the line-up.

I have been to Minneapolis many times and always see something new.  This was my view from the hotel room last week -

 I wonder what that represents?  Can you imagine painting that?  

Every year the birds build next in my wreath on the door and flower pots.  It freaks me out when I water the plants and they fly out.  Last week I pulled them down to soak them given it's been so hot and well, well....

Not sure what kind of bird eggs these are but they haven't hatched yet, ha!

And what really causes mushrooms to grow in our yard?

These appear to be Psathyrella candolleana and are nonpoisonous.  

This one is Xerula furfuracea.  Another non poisonous one.   

I guess it's a fungi that lives in the grass.  The only way to get rid of them is to get rid of the yard lol. The article did suggest to get rid of any you see to avoid any of our pets to ingesting and having a reaction.  Interesting.  

So those are my thoughts.  I'm getting kinda excited with our 23rd anniversary approaching =)

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