is life, right?  It kinda seems that way given there really isn't much of a break these days between winter workouts, the actual season then Fall ball but I truly can say I LOVE it.

Baseball has always been my favorite sport.  I laugh (and most others do too) because it's really the ONLY sport I can say I understand.  Yes, pathetic.  Yes, true.

I am happy to report that our season is NOT over yet.  This awesome team -

is heading to the State Championship in Charleston, WV tomorrow.

As the WVSSAC AAA 2015 Regional Champs -

Do I hear a WOOHOO?!?!!

That means on Thursday evening around 7:30 tune in to your radio (there is an actual TuneIn Radio app) and listen to the game.  We have all very excited to keep on-winning.  Our record this year is 35-2 which is another awesome fact about this team.  (I plan to keep my blog and FB updated so stay tuned...)  The boys leave tomorrow and we leave on Thursday.  Lots of support for this team heading to the Capitol of WV =)

And speaking of Baseball, who doesn't like Cal Ripken?  I know we have always loved him as well as what he has done for all the young players.  While we were in Myrtle Beach, we had the opportunity to have our JV team play here -

What a beautiful place!  And even better to get a win on a Ripken Experience field.  Our teams have both done really well this year.  Very proud! And wouldn't it just be icing on the cake if we brought home the State Championship trophy?!  That's what I'm talking about =)

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