Oh Happy day.....

On Sunday after breakfast coordinated by the kiddos, Ronnie wanted to go somewhere different.  It was too hot to ride the bike.  We both had things we could do at home but really?  Who does that on Father's Day?

So what else do we do but look for a new winery.  Ah ha!  Found one =)

It was Close.  Quaint.  Beautiful.  Welcoming.  Great Wines.  Great people (Samantha and Kim).

I have attached a video if you're interested.  They are open Friday through Sunday 11-5 with big plans for this place.  Growth is imminent.  If you stop by, tell them we sent you.  They are SURE to remember us.

The Governor only recently added a white to his 'case' and it just happens to be their Chardonnay.  Well of course we tried it.  And, LOVED it.

Enjoy =)

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