All the above.

That's how I felt when I had to leave Bella last weekend.  She's too little to board.  The hotel doesn't allow pets.  So what does your BFF do?  Offer to take the princess.  Yep!  That's what she did.  But......then came a second offer.  One that included  a day in the park.  Some painted nails.  Some pretty pink earrings.  A new dress.  Hmmmm.  Choices.  The offer was with another baseball mom and of course the BFF was fine allowing her to go to a party, ha!

We dropped her off on Thursday and texted (remember when we used to call?=)  to check on her.  All was well.  Friday morning I woke up to this -

With a text that said "good morning Mommy".

And then on Saturday she got some earrings and a new dress -

and even won a trophy, ribbon and some treats as she came in 2nd for best dressed - ha!

Who couldn't love that little face?!

And she even made some friends during her stay 'away'.  Two little Yorkies and a kitten.  I think she had more fun with the kitten, lol.

Yep - I'm pretty lucky to have someone like this to look after Bella while we were gone.  Well, actually Bella is pretty darn lucky!  Thanks Missy & Mackenzie xoxo

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