here's the deal -

for the last several years Ronnie and I have tried to do 'something different' for our anniversary.  The last two years he has been in charge.  And.....it has been perfect.  This year I tried to plan a bike weekend via Route 11.  Unfortunately the weather looked horrible so I finally caved and said "i give".  I got nothing  He took it from there.

After waking up to him on his phone surfing and taking calls from the porch, we ended up here -

it is awesome!

Our room is extra special -

And....It may even be haunted.  WOOHOO!

We totally love Bed and Breakfast places.  Each one has a story and something unique.  And my preference is a bed and breakfast over a hotel.  Each his own, lol.

Back to our anniversary weekend -

We left around 1 and I wasn't sure where we were going.  He did tell me to make sure I had money on our EZ pass since I mentioned a week or so ago that our balance was 'low'.  That meant either VA or MD.  Hmmm.

We stopped at Sheetz to fuel up and grab a sandwich to share then head into Maryland.  I tried my best to guess but was totally unsuccessful. on our way we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants - The Jetty!

We watched boats sail in and out...

we listened to 'Sitting on the Dock of the Bay"

We drank some fruity drinks....

had some Ahi Tuni...

Then got back on the road....  We crossed the bay bridge and supposedly only had 1/2 hour to go.  WHERE were were going? Finally  as I narrowed down the list of cities on the other side of the bay it became clear

I had guessed every place except Oxford.  Yay!  I LOVE water towns.  It was somewhere neither of us had been.  Somewhere he knew I would love.  It was perfect!

Who couldn't be happy here?  35 acres waterfront.  Our own house for the night (and it just might be a haunted) cookies, water, coffee....what more could we ask for?!

Check back tomorrow.  here's a sneak peak of what you will get the details of.....

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