Scavenger hunt....

So for any of you that really KNOW me =)  you KNOW I love scavenger hunts.  It was just what we did as a kid in our neighborhood.  I loved running from house to house looking for whatever was on the list.  I have to admit that today was just a tad bit different but the suspense and searching was AWESOME!

I noticed 'picket fences' in the town of Oxford.  I wondered what the 'significance' was but never really inquired.  It reminded me of the seagulls painted in Ocean City and apples painted in Winchester.  Of course Ronnie was the one to figure it out.  As i was snapping this picture -

he noticed a box that contained information about the picket fences, ha!

So this is actually the 7th year.  O.  M.  G.

I was so excited!  Now I have 21 (actually 20) more to find!  Woo hoo!

We had so much fun finding these specially painted picket fences.  Some actually used refurbished historic boards while others used new.  Some were found outside, some hanging in windows.  Regardless, it was such a fun time to find them.  

Just in case you are counting, there IS one missing.  It's our new BFF Abbey Rose.  She is diligently working on her entry and will be sending me the update once finished.  I will post her last year's version tomorrow.  Just let me say.....it's WORTH THE WAIT!  She is awesome!

And in October, the town auctions them off and the proceeds go to the individual organizations favorite charity (50 %) while the other 50% goes to the town of Oxford.  The winner actually gets a 'cats meow' and other memorable such as ornaments to be sold within the specialty shops.  How cool?

Charles Town and Ranson are quaint towns....we should start something similar.  Hmmmm I will have to think about that.  

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