That's it.  I have to commit.  I have never (other than pregnancy) weighed this much.  I sit at work all day.  I eat whatever I want and don't exercise.  B.A.D.  Once I put a swim suit on and said ewwwww i knew I had to do something.

And then came this, my package in the mail...

and then the commitment -

SHEW - it's a huge commitment but so far I have done good.  I will admit that it's difficult given I am traveling today through Friday and have to eat 'bad' food but I have cut my portions in half.  I have substituted a meal for a Shakeology (which are very good) and I am truly trying to eat healthy.

I shared with a  few of my friends (who will go unnamed) and hopefully we will have a JHS Baseball Mom team committed.  Food intake.  Measurements.  Exercise 30 minutes a day.  I CAN DO THIS.  If not, NO beach body for me =)

I am starting at 150 lbs and hope to get to 135 in 21 days.   Say a prayer....especially since this was my dinner....

but don't fret....i brought this with me.  I'll stay up late to make sure I get my workout in.

Anyone have experience with this program?

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