Peace that passes understanding -

I was raised in a church.  I sat in a pew each Sunday.  I sang in the children's choir.  I attended Sunday School.  I loved Vacation Bible School.  I was a member of the youth group.  Some hymns left a mark on me.  Others did not.

Today I don't go to church.  Do not judge.  I still believe.  I still read the bible in one way or another every day.  I get an e:mail every day from Joel and love  Today's Word.

As I read my e:mail today,  he mentions the peace that passes understanding.  I remember hearing that.  I remember singing that but I really didn't think about what it truly means.  It actually means that we can have peace when it doesn't make sense.  We can have peace in the midst of the storm.  We can have peace in the midnight hour.  We can have peace when gas prices go up and the housing market goes down.  We can have constant peace because we are connected to the true source of peace.  Wow.

So then I googled the song and lyrics.  This is the first one that came up - click if you're interested.


This truly shows that we can have peace no matter what trial or tribulation we are experiencing.

Peace is now right up there with faith and believe in my choice of favorite words.

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