Body Art....

Since Ronnie and I both have tattoos, it's kinda hard to tell our kids they shouldn't do the same.  But, we do ensure (or try to) that they really think about what they want.  It should have meaning.  It has to be something you won't regret 20 years from now.

Chase has been asking for a few years now and has known exactly what he wanted and for the past 2 years he hasn't changed his mind.  So we decided to let him do it.  It met all the criteria -

He chose the spot (of course we both love this place) -

he met the artist - 

got in the chair -

and then Shawn went to work -

and then the finished product -

Chase designed this in memory of my Dad, his Grandfather aka Butch.  Even though my dad had little education, he worked hard and made a decent living.  He was very successful.  He built many houses within our area along with over 100 apartment units.  To Chase, this was an empire.  Dad/Butch overcame adversity.  He lived by the Serenity Prayer from the time i was 16 until his last breath. The orange ribbon is for his Leukemia and the hammer for all the hard, hard work he did.  Ronnie and I think this is an awesome tatoo.  I love the meaning.  If Dad were here, he would find something silly to say like 'you should have put a goat in there somewhere', haha!

So there you have it.  Chase Bayley has his first tattoo.  Woo hoo!

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