Late nights.....

Now that summer is just about upon us, I have had some inquires about which wineries are open late and where we typically like to go.  For the past several years (hard to believe), Friday has been out night.  Obviously during baseball season we usually can't sneak away but for the most part, Friday is what we look forward to.

One of our favorite places to hang out is.....drum roll....

It's beautiful.  It's quiet.  The wine is great.  The entertainment is perfect.

We like to hang out on the back patio -

where the view just gets better as the night goes on -

it's also a very nice place for an evening wedding -

We did chuckle at this -

how many people after a few glasses actually put their glass in there?  Maybe it should say "empty bottles"=)

There is one more reason why we like this place.  It's just minutes from the cemetery where "ma" is.  This means that every Friday evening we go to Doukenie.....we stop to chat with Ma.   Love that.

So if you're looking for a nice winery with wonderful wines and is open late on Friday, Doukenie is your place.  They are open until 9 and usually have music from 6-9.


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