and the tradition lives on -

yes, it's quite a bit different this year but we are once again in Ocean City to bring in 2014.  There's nothing better than starting the year off with your toes in the sand!

However…..this year we have three bedrooms, three bathrooms and tons of room but are alone, lol.  Yep, that's right.  Neither of the kids were really interested in coming.  So….rules to abide by.  Food in the cabinets and money left for their 'immediate needs', onward we went.  And yes….

we did find a little piece of paradise!  It took us a little bit longer to get unloaded because we had to remove the luggage rack (we def don't have an extra $5K this soon after Christmas), LMAO -

But once all the work was done, we were ready to unpack -

Ummmmm just a little more space than we needed, haha -

but it's all good.  At least the cleaning lady will only have a few rooms to clean =)

So our first thing to do was the lights!

we boarded the train and around the park we went -

then Pizza at Grottos - and home to bed.  LONGGG day =)  Day 1 = FUN



I am definitely running behind this year but "Mrs. Claus" has actually been very, very busy, hehe!

But, I am happy to say that I did finally find 'Bo' this evening -

Yep, when we dug out the tree there he was, just waiting on the ladder with the rest of the elves.  I guess he is a pretty smart guy =)

Our Living Room tree is very traditional.

It's been green and brown for a number of years with only a few 'special' ornaments being included with the green/brown matching ornaments, bows, ribbon and sticks -

with a new one this year - just for my Dad….

And of course the 'count down' always makes it to this tree.  Ugh - is that right?!  It will be here before we know it. (that was from last night….down to 7 days now, ha!)

And then there's the stairway tree -  it's our newest addition.  Black.  Pretty cool with our new paint scheme.

The kitchen / breakfast nook made it's debut' tonight, too.

And of course Mickey's house is my all time fav -

I did have to laugh though - that commercial cracked me up with the tree angel.  I'm sure this one could tell tons of stories, too =)

So we're getting there.  Have our list for every night this week cuz it's comin' whether we are ready or not.  Happy Tuesday - just ONE week til Christmas eve….how's that for motivation, LOL!!


HAPPY…..HAPPY 1st Birthday -

Brooklyn Makenna Humphrey!

It's so hard to believe it's been a year since you made your 'early' entrance into this big ole world.  You have stolen our hearts and are such a sweet little princess.  We LOVE you very, very much!

xoxo Poppy, Gigi, Chase & Cierra