I am definitely running behind this year but "Mrs. Claus" has actually been very, very busy, hehe!

But, I am happy to say that I did finally find 'Bo' this evening -

Yep, when we dug out the tree there he was, just waiting on the ladder with the rest of the elves.  I guess he is a pretty smart guy =)

Our Living Room tree is very traditional.

It's been green and brown for a number of years with only a few 'special' ornaments being included with the green/brown matching ornaments, bows, ribbon and sticks -

with a new one this year - just for my Dad….

And of course the 'count down' always makes it to this tree.  Ugh - is that right?!  It will be here before we know it. (that was from last night….down to 7 days now, ha!)

And then there's the stairway tree -  it's our newest addition.  Black.  Pretty cool with our new paint scheme.

The kitchen / breakfast nook made it's debut' tonight, too.

And of course Mickey's house is my all time fav -

I did have to laugh though - that commercial cracked me up with the tree angel.  I'm sure this one could tell tons of stories, too =)

So we're getting there.  Have our list for every night this week cuz it's comin' whether we are ready or not.  Happy Tuesday - just ONE week til Christmas eve….how's that for motivation, LOL!!

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