Something a little different....

Since I travel to the same places most of the time, I typically stay in the SAME hotel.  I have been called a Marriott or Hilton snob - that's ok I love the points.  It's always nice when they know your name and you know your way around but.....sometimes that isn't possible.  It could be something major going on and no rooms are available or it could be a meeting is someplace else so a more 'convenient' hotel is necessary.

So that happened - and this kinda got my attention -

Yep - the room was a little retro =)

Of course I have a check list.....look for bed bugs.  Look for cameras.

should i be concerned?  Nah.....  it's all good.  Just a little oops when they remodeled.

It was a pretty cool place -

I travel next week but will be at my 'Hilton home'.

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