that's something I am totally working on this year.

I have always considered myself organized.  I make lists.  I put things away.  I plan meals.  But......who couldn't do better at organizing all her bling?!

This was a present from Cierra for Christmas -

I can sort my anklets -

My starfish together -

I even have the perfect spot to hang the most special Christmas present of all from Santa's Secret Shop!

I totally love it!  And to make it better, I took this burlap picture frame and put it to use....

Bed Bath & Beyond definitely has lots of stuff I am loving'.  Even my nice 'family' frames.

ok, so i still have to pick up a 4x6 frame to off-set the light switch but I'm still likin' it =)

We are even trying to eat healthy snacks.  Yesterday Ronnie fixed us some pineapple, orange & banana smoothies.  Yum!

After all......organization has to help in this crazy, fast paced life.  Cheers!

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  1. I think I would like the recipe for that smoothie. Sounds delish.