No party dress.
No party hats.
No noise makers.
Not even in another state.

Comfy clothes.
A warm fire.
Two recliners.

That's what our New Year's Eve consisted of and it was perfect!

But we did go out for dinner =)....... reservations for 9:00 p.m.

At this quaint little restaurant -

A candlelight table for two -

Lots of local Virginia wines to choose from -

A basket of bread -

Crab Cake with asparagus and crab soup for appetizers -

Filet with veggie mashed potatoes -

Scallops with cauliflower -

So yummy!

We talked for a little bit then ordered dessert 'to go' =)

Once home, tuned into New York - the magical city -

Planned for the winter classic game today -

And then the ball dropped -  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

So there you have it!  Our 'very different' New Years Eve.  I might just have to dump out one of our bottles of Ocean City sand so I don't break my tradition of having sand in my toes on New Years Day, ha!

DID YOU KNOW?  That you can actually make reservations on line at Grandale?  Click HERE and check it out!  It was quick, a follow-up confirmation and we were greeted with a smile.  Give it a try if you are looking for a restaurant that is quaint, great food, pleasant servers, wonderful chefs and local wines.

I didn't make any 'resolutions' however am hoping to lose a few pounds and all in all just do better in everything this year.  As Mendie says, KNOW BETTER.....DO BETTER.


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