Smokin' =)

A few years ago I got Ronnie a 'smoker' for an occasion (can't remember which one) but he had never used.  So....during Thanksgiving he had the idea to try it versus our traditional 'frying'.

Of course he had to test it out first.....so we tried a chicken.

It turned out pretty good.  We both liked it but it definitely had a 'smokey' taste.  With that said, we opted to not use it for the turkey, lol.  Not thinking all the family would like that taste.  

But look how pretty, ha!

Speaking of pretty....we have tried quite a few new things this past year.  Our first fresh lobster -  I took a pic of it in the tank but must have deleted it.   This is the beautiful end product....poor thing...makes me sad :(

Sushi is our new fav....I'll have to post about our top 3 places to get Sushi soon!

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