Most people say "it's the LITTLE things" but....

in this case, I'm over the top excited about these BIG (or XL) things =)

I know.....I am totally pathetic!  Go ahead and laugh -  but I have a closet and room full of photos, school memories, certificates, tickets, you name it.  So in an effort to get everything organized I have been going through box by box.  I just happened to have three pretty big zip lock baggies that hold about an 11 x 14 picture.  Ok, that's a start but I have FOUR children.  The struggle is real.

Sure enough, I searched WalMart and found these XL baggies!  SCORE!!

My plan?  Sort (throw away minimal), Scan, Store and eventually let go of these 'bags' and give them to their owner.

This means less clutter, less boxes and more organization.  A WIN WIN for all.

I LOVE these bags and am totally enjoying going through all the kids stuff.  Ohhh the stuff I have found =)

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