Opinion.  Observation.  Perspective.  Review.  Yep, maybe that is the best word.

So....not this past Christmas but the one before (2013) I got Ronnie a Jawbone.  He likes to run when he can and I thought this would be a pretty good gift for him to 'see' his results.

It stayed in the box.

Last week I decided I wanted to look into a Fitbit.  I saw one that continuously measure your heart rate so of course I was interested.  I am ALWAYS interested in my heart rate given my history.  When I mentioned this, Ronnie suggested I take his "UP".

Out of the box it wouldn't work.  Obviously needed some 'juice'.  After charging, we set it up.

There are some things I like about this model.  It monitors my steps.

It is waterproof.  It monitors my sleep.  (which i found VERY interesting).

But there are a few things I don't like.

You have to synch it physically to your phone.

You have to remove the end to do so.

Because it doesn't actually close around my wrist, it gets caught on clothes.  It isn't very comfortable.

So....I read the reviews for the Fitbit.  Not everything is positive about that either but.....if you're looking for one, I would suggest the Fitbit.  I have found at Kohls (just fyi you can't use your Kohls coupons, ha!  only Kohls Cash).

I have found at Best Buy and also Amazon.

Do you have one?  Which do you prefer?

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