Balloons, wine and more -

Some friends of our's - invited us to the Shenandoah Valley Hot Air Balloon and Wine Festival this weekend. Our weekend was pretty packed but we did make time today to go with them and we had a BLAST!

Ronnie and I agreed to only buy one bottle, taking note of all the 'local' wineries we wanted to visit...unfortunately, not far into our tasting we bought a case (between the four of us), lol!We stumbled upon this memorial where this husband and wife were born the same month, October 1938 and both died during the 9/11 attack...their last name was Flagg...
How ironic? Really?

Between Ronnie and OJ, I am not sure who is worse!? My cheeks hurt from laughing. There are 'uppity' wine drinkers and then there's us, lol! OJ was annoyed with a bee that was buzzing around so decided to 'trap' it...not sure everyone thought it as funny but we did!

He and Ronnie had lots of fun with this lady, too. She couldn't keep a straight face =)This girl was even willing to 'knuckle bump' OJ - There was a 'special hot wine' called Chili Dawg that you had to eat cheese quickly before tasting. Wow - Ronnie was quick to ask for some additional cheese to take the 'burn' off, haha!

We had lots of good food, tons of people and even special "Batman" plates, lol! We made some new friends -and enjoyed a beautiful fall day!Thanks Kim and OJ, for a great time!

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