Simple days -

For the most part they are gone.  Nothing seems 'simple' any more.  But this morning when I opened my e:mail and saw this -

I was very excited.  Someone told me about the 'adult' coloring books and I have them on my Christmas list.  I remember the days that I would spend hours yes HOURS just coloring.  Picking that perfect color to make the picture 'real like'.  And the best days were when my "MA" would color with me.  She was just as particular as me and took her sweet ole' time making sure to stay in the lines and color a picture that looked like a painting.

Yes, I miss those days but as the ad says....coloring keeps us calm.  Check out Michael's awesome selection by clicking HERE

Maybe I will just have to get one before Christmas since there are so many options.  Have a colorful day =)  xo

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