Many Hats....

Cierra is our "Steady Eddy".  She goes to school.  She goes to work.  Se goes to 4H.  She goes to Blake's.  She does her chores (for the most part =).  She requires minimal maintenance and guidance. We certainly can't complain.

She has done great at Blue Ridge.  She just applied for graduation and we have no doubt she will achieve all the credits she needs to meet the deadline.

Speaking of work her many hats.  She works one, two, three jobs plus some 'side' stuff to earn extra money.  Her latest job is tutoring at Blue Ridge.  To be eligible to tutor you must have a B in the subject.  Well.....take your pick......A's is all the subjects made her chuckle.

October 5th - 9th was National Tutoring Week.  So here's to Cierra!

We hare very proud of you and what a beautiful tutor =)

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