Sunday evening routine...

For the past 5 weeks, every Sunday evening we take these three -

to the pizza shop (Damian's Mom is the owner) and then she brings Chase and Cierra home after she closes up. But tonight, we took a little detour.

I have lived in the county for my entire life (and yes, I am as old as dirt=) but, I have never been to the original Hilltop House Hotel. Many of my high school friends talked of working there, chasing rats and washing dish after dish for a few dollars but I had never witnessed the view from this old, very popular place.

And the original Hilltop House, now looks like this...

very sad. Plans to implode are underway. But in the meantime, we took advantage of the photo op -

And of course, Chase wants to prove he can 'move' mountains, haha!

We heard sirens then quickly realized a water rescue was underway. We did let the MD state police helicopter that it wasn't us that needed help =)

What a perfect 'hide out' place and, it's just going to be more beautiful over the next few weeks once the Fall colors peak. Wow! Nice find!

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