Fall is here -

so it's time for pickin' apples AND burning Macintosh candles -

time for early evening rides while the sunsets -

and time to get out the Crock-ett pot, yay! We are pretty tired of eating out and on the run which means things are calming down so we can actually plan our meals.

This week was pretty fun. We went to the grocery story on Sunday and planned for two meals in the crock pot. Both from good 'ole Facebook, LOL. Ronnie found 'liked' THIS page and it has tons of recipes that sound AWESOME.

We picked a chicken recipe first -


and tonight we had beef stew -

with some Red Lobster garlic biscuits.

I am stuffed, ha! So if you are into fixing dinner while you work, check out the Hillbilly recipes!  I don't think you will be disappointed and there's everything from breakfast to dinners to desserts.  Enjoy!

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  1. THat beef stew looks awesome :) I love me some FALL too !!!