the BIG 5 0 - wow!

To celebrate my birthday, we packed the RV and headed to Castaways in Ocean City, MD.  

We loved the place. The kids had so much to do and it's definitely a place we will spend more than a weekend next time.

We were actually all up at midnight so I honestly had a full 24 hour birthday celebration.  Breakfast then a few errands with Ronnie (which worked our really good for me =)
then we hit the beach for a while - SO nice!
We even got to listen to some 'tunes' -
at the Tiki bar -
it was such a beautiful, relaxing, peaceful day -

We typically come down to this end of the bay on the boat when we are flounder fishing.  It was very different from this angle.  We were able to walk pretty far out to a sand bar that was almost like a lil party zone, lol.
Dinner at one of my favorite's - Warren Station - yay!

Some ice cream and cake -
and thanks to these guys -

it was perfect!  Thanks for making my day so special.


  1. Happy Birthday Bev :) You look fabulous for 50 !!! Hey, I'm almost there !!!!

  2. Sounds like u guys had as much fun there as we did last year. Glad u had a great 50th!