Sorry......I kinda left ya hanging =(

Back to our anniversary 'get away' -

On Thursday afternoon we decided to hit some wineries. So many to chose from.

We decided on Trump first. It was very 'Trump' like...



wonderful wines!

This is definitely a winery we would re-visit.  Our first experience with these wines was actually through Sunset Hills.  Kluge was the winery and they had a special price on what was left prior to the transition to Trump.  Their red was perfect in the winter.  Sunset actually took a trailer and purchased several cases, making these available to their members at a reduced price.  Love those 'member' perks!

Ok, next up was Blenheim.

nice view of the mountains -
and the view from above?!
the wines were 'ok'.  Not sure I would make a special trip but they were good.

And then we headed to one that I had found on a 'search'.  It was beautiful so I printed a picture.  When I gave it to Ronnie, he said.  That is not a true picture from the winery.  Ummmm well, let's see about that!
let's see what you think?!

It was such a perfect place.  We took LOTS of pictures =)
and check out the bathroom!
and the hand dryer?!  cool...
but...my favorite picture......
This is definitely one that I hated to leave and will DEF come back to....
Can't wait to go back.  Will definitely watch their website to see what's happenin' and when we can plan a 'RV' trip!

I promise I'll stay on track and give you the 'low down' on the other two we visited tomorrow.  Please check back if you're interested.

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