Happy New Year! - corrected =)

It's definitely been a busy holiday season but we were able to get away on Tuesday and were blessed to spend New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in one of our all time favorite places - Ocean City.....

We have been very lucky to find 'cheap', clean, cozy places and this one didn't disappoint -

 We arrived on Tuesday evening after a few minor 'scares'.  First, we were supposed to actually check in on Saturday but when I booked it, I let them know we may not be there the first day.  And no, I didn't let them know exactly what day.  So, on the way I called.  Whew - he was nice but said 'Well - this may be a problem.....did you let anyone know?'.  'Let me call you back'.  Uh oh.  That was the longest 10 minutes I have experienced in a while, lol.  But....it all worked out and we arrived prior to them closing.  They were sure to let me know that he 'obviously' didn't know what he was talking about since many people book for the week to save money but don't actually stay a week.

We left there and headed to the Fenwick winery.  Their final day....all wines 25% off.

I walked in and was ready to place my order for two bottles.  Then Katie confused me (remember this) by telling me they actually had 3.  Decisions.  Decisions.

Once I decided, I went to pay.  No wallet.  Eek.....I walked to the car but it wasn't there.   Hmmm.  I must have left it on the counter at the resort check-in.  Called.  Nope.  No wallet there.  Of course you can only imagine the car ride.  This is the 2nd 'issue' today, lol.

Back we go.  I search, I question.  Ronnie searched,  Ronnie questioned.  So on our way to the condo to start making phone calls I decide to check one last time with Katie.....ah ha!  When she confused me, I laid it down =(.  She said she just sent Ronnie a message.....so back we go.  I am seriously thinking we may not check in tonight.  I am also seriously thinking it is probably best to go home, HA!

But we arrive.  And it's cozy, clean and beautiful.

And the view?!  Awesome!

We unpack and head out to Ponzettis - They were a little busy so I decided to help our server out -

The result?  yummy YUMMY pizza.

Then home to get settled in.  After a good night's sleep, we decide on Dirty Harry's for breakfast.  (no pics) then off to visit with Nanny -  She is so funny =)  She loves Owls and actually liked her hat -

She is known for her 'owls' and is excited to show it off!  We LOVE chatting with her and catching up on what's 'happenin' in Salisbury.

We headed back into OC and decided to have dinner at Harborside.

We hadn't eaten there yet and my sister was adamant we try their Orange Crush.....It was a little sweet for me but it was a hit with Ronnie -  (she joked about him being able to drink that Cherry Coke from T's Corner=)

The food was awesome.  Without question.  Crab dip -

Scallops -

Tuna -

We have totally been missing out.  Back to the cozy condo for the evening.....

New Year's Eve?!  Well - eating good was not a problem.  We chose Bayside Skillet -

We are obviously not the only ones that love LOVE this place -

And then put our order in for the New Year's Eve dinner.

Sushi from Blue Fish and dinners from Crab Bag.  Our fridge was a little bare (we calculated it being cheaper to eat out for two the grocery shop.  Of course Granny and Granddad helped with that decision)

We weren't disappointed in either.  Did I mention we ate really good?

Fireworks at midnight.  TV.  Then off to bed in prep for 2016 New Year's Day in OC.  No better place to spend the first day of the year -

Some fries and burgers -

Then we decided to do the one thing of the top 10 things to do in OC that we haven't done (in all our years) ... walk across the Route 50 Bridge -so we parked -

then walked -

Just a little 'up close and personal' to the bridge attendant -

and a bridge view to some places we visit -

then off to another fav place -

Checking out the ponies -

and then we stopped to walk across the bridge -

beautiful.  Nothing else to say.  Then back to our home for the time being -

Another place we like to eat is here -

We saved this for New Year's Day -  It seems like one of those best kept secrets.  The food is AWESOME.   From the crap soup

to the salad -

to the blackened scallops -

to the blackened tuna -  Heaven.

There are so many Christmas trees - but this is one of my favorites -  Love, LOVE the starfish

And we sat beside this one.  How ironic =)

We even ordered dessert to take home, ha!

Our last night here -  sad but all good things come to an end......back to reality.  Back to work.  But, not before letting Java Bella enjoy some sand -

What a beautiful morning!!  And of course not before stopping in Berlin - The Coolest Small Town in America - 2014 - and having breakfast at Raynes -

And then heading to the Antique Shop - aka thrift, consignment, junk store (and yes we spent $40)

Then we continue to head home (the back way) which takes us by the stadium.  So weird to see it like this -

And somehow, we run across this shop.

It's an original Chicken House.  The front is now a primitive shop and the chicken house right beside it is now a baseball indoor clinic.  Recycle.  Wow.  Good for them.  Such a cool place.

And then Lombardis -

LOVE this pizza.  Yes, we totally ate well =)

And now, I think we may be heading home.  Had to laugh at this sign though......

And one more stop before we leave the eastern shore -

We searched and searched.  We walked and walked.  And finally we found!

And then.  We crossed into West Virginia.  Just like we left it.  So Happy New Year to all our family and friends.  I hope 2016 is exactly what you ordered.  I know we have our own hopes, plans and dreams.  Cheers!

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