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This is something I just had to share.  I have been in my sewing room for just about every night and weekend for the past month.  It's peaceful there.  It's a perfect room with blue skies (walls) palm trees, my beach chair, a bottle of wine (all on the walls hehe).  I love it and am very blessed to have a husband that could build and create this world for me.

I just signed up for another class at Wilsons's and the kit is by Shabby Fabrics.  Well, the website is addicting.  There's a really special story about Jennifer - she was a commercial pilot that was furloughed after 9-11.  She decided to do what makes her happy and is very, VERY successful.

I made one quilt/blanket, six stockings, three pillows and one tree skirt as gifts this year.  I already have several things on my 'to-do' list as well.  Sewing is definitely one of my happy places and this explains a little bit of 'why'.  Enjoy....

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