OK, as promised (at least to Nanny) I have to share Paint Nite.  I will admit, I was a little skeptical.  I am not artistic.  I cannot paint.  I don't follow directions well.  Add all that up and geez......disaster.  But....NOPE.  The ladies that entertained us for the evening knew just what to do.  Here's some pictures -

The set up -

My set up -

My tools - 3 paints - White, Black, Blue.

Daddy Brush, Momma Brush, Baby Brush

My comfort zone =)

Here we go!  First step - make a white circle -

Then the Daddy brush goes into the blue -

And I followed directions the best I could -

Maybe a little distracted by my partner, Lisa and Mary hehe

But - I did it.  Step by step -

And I even got to shop a little -

Lovin' my new Style Dots -  Even purchased a few presents.....

And then the final pics with my JHS partners -

but all in all............

I can't wait to do it again.  Ronnie would love it, too.  We just need to find the right venue.  If you haven't done it.  DO NOT FEAR.  If you have....you know the feelin'.  So much fun!

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