Tis the season....

for packages to arrive -

And today two came....yay me!

A friend of our's is now a Wine Guide for The Traveling Vineyard.  WHO doesn't love having a friend like that?!  We have a party scheduled in January but in the mean time, we just had to try out some of her wines -  and they came today....

We didn't actually open a bottle yet but I am lovin' the anticipation =)  and you too can have your own personal wine guide - Check her out HERE

and then - have you heard of Style dots?  Well I hadn't but another friend has hooked me up.

You just snap on whatever you are feeling for the day and have fun.

My Life -  Wine glass, Cowgirl boots, Palm tree, Cross.  All wrapped up in this little bag.

Check Denise out HERE

Perfect packages for a Tuesday....

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