Special. Fun. Memorable.

That's exactly what today is.

First - It's Wednesday.  That 'middle' of the week day where we have almost made it over the hump =)

Second -  I am just a little proud but I actually MUST take 1/2 day off today to celebrate this -

Hi Cierra,

You have been chosen as the recipient of the Outstanding Student of the Semester for the Education program - Congratulations!  

Student honorees from all academic programs will be recognized on Wednesday, December 9th at the Student Awards Ceremony.  The ceremony begins at 3:00 p.m. and will be held in room 1101 at the main campus.

Yep - very proud of Cierra!  She goes to school full time, works 2-3 jobs (depending on when she is needed), is an awesome Aunt

and has a the perfect boyfriend (who we love, too)

So, with that said, Congratulations Cierra -  I am very happy to miss an afternoon of work to celebrate this accomplishment.  Good for you!

AND.....I have been wanting to do this for a very, very long time.  I have tried to convince Ronnie to go with me (and he has agreed in the right venue) but finally......I am going to Paint Nite.  So, check back!  I promise (yes, NANNY), to post my picture.  It should be interesting since I cannot paint.  I am not artistic.  I am ADHD =)  

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