My Dad.....

I miss him and often think of what he has taught me.  One thing is...you NEVER borrower something.  I remember dreading asking if I could borrower a car/truck or whatever.  He always made me feel guilty.  This is something he also said frequently to Ronnie.  Ronnie never borrows from ANYONE (well, there are two people).  But, we have an awesome neighbor (actually a good neighbor =) who volunteered to let Ronnie use his snowblower to bail us out.

At the time of borrowing, Ronnie was sure to tell our (awesome) neighbor that he would have one for the next snowstorm.  HEHE.  So...after borrowing this yesterday -

Ronnie spent hours researching and locating snow blowers.  He was set on the Cub Cadet which is the highest rated 2015 snow blower.  He found a dealer that had some in stock in Chambersburg, PA.

After calling Shank's Lawn Equipment,  he made a trip.  It was worth it!  They were great to deal with from the phone call to the close of the deal.  And they are currently offering 0% financing for 18 months.  And, he is now the proud owner of this -

So if anyone is looking for snow removal, call Ronnie  (304) 997-0023 - he will be glad to help, lol.  The more he works, the quicker this new toy,  tool, BEAST gets paid for.  Bring on the snow next weekend.  (ok, I'm sure I have hater now).

And if you're looking to buy one of your own, here's the LINK to their web-site with lots of info.

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