The Traveling Vineyard -

So.....our friend - aka Kara "Feagans" Fisher became a Traveling Vineyard consultant.  And, along with that we wanted to support her.  And along with that comes a Friday evening party, ha!  In November, January 8th seemed soooooooo far away.  Ha - it was the weekend after the New Year =)

But, it worked out just fine.  Kara sent me an e:mail with the food suggestions for pairing.  No obligation but suggestions.  It was fun deciding what to fix for each.  I chose two for each =)  One food item and one dessert item.  Scallops, Shrimp, Crab Dip -

After I planned the menu -  and we prepared - including cleaning the house =)  Cierra helped with the strawberries -

I made banana bread, brownies, and tons of other stuff -

And the evening came - Kara arrived -  and we were getting ready -

Love her =)

It was such a fun night.  It started with a Skittle in the glass -

I won't spoil the fun for anyone that hasn't experienced this but it was fun =)

Then we fixed our plate and tasted/paired.  AWESOME.  kara did a great job including the group, educating us on the wine and how to actually taste.  We have participating in many (too many) tastings but none quite like this.  My cheeks hurt by the end of the night.  But we got some free wine and discounts.....AWESOME.

And then within 3 days - our wine arrived.  Such fun sorting!

Now this is a job that I could do!!  Who wouldn't love to meet great people, sip some wine and share knowledge about something that is so very popular in our region.  Here's just a peek at the options we have...

So if you haven't yet experienced a Traveling Vineyard party, GO!  if you are thinking about having one, DO IT.  And better yet, reach out to KARA  She will fix you right up!


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