And all of the above - that's what I am focusing on.  I love blogging and have decided to try to not only have fun but make some extra cash.  2016 is going to be a 'pay that off' kind of year (or at least I am going to try).  With that said, you will start seeing some ads on the right side.  Feel free to click, check them out and purchase anything your little heart desires.  My first is The Ornament Girl.  Love, Love, LOVE their patterns and purchased several.  I will share in the near future but these aren't limited to Christmas or your Christmas tree.  Can't you see these 'special themed' balls hanging in windows or anywhere actually?

So join me in celebration of my first 'affiliate' endeavor.  And I'm hoping more will be coming soon.

Click on The Ornament Girl add over on the right.  You won't be disappointed.  AND if you see something you would like me to try first, just let me know.  I love trying new ones =)

Here's some pics of really cool ones - and just in case you didn't know, I found the styrofoam balls (3") on amazon really cheap and the fabric is scraps....easy peasy lemon squeasy.  Also fairly cheap, ha!

and you can always click here to go to the actual site.  Just remember, if you decide to purchase, go back to my blog and click on the add so I get credit =)  xoxo

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