Friday already?!

We have been talking about Bayside skillet all week so finally made it there on our last morning -

Kyra called it the "umbrella place".  Gee, wonder why?!

Being the 'creature of habit' that I am, I of course, chose the fruit crepes -


It ended up pretty rainy so Ronnie and I took a break and headed to our favorite Delaware winery -

and it was perfect timing!

um.....where's the grapes?!

ewww.....in there?

Yep, and they definitely do make some pretty good wines!

The sun ended up coming out so we called ahead and told Chase to be ready - he LOVES the ocean =)

The water was REALLY rough but he convinced Ronnie to join him -

and I'm not kidding when I say the water was rough.  Check out this boat that was trying to get in -

see how far it's coming out of the water?!

There was even a water rescue - 

this guy was just back-up.  I didn't think it was very polite to take pictures of the lifeguard dragging in a few kids =)

The seagulls were even having trouble flying - 

after taking as much of the wind as we could, we headed back to our peaceful place - and found these girls!

and what a view....ahhhh

these two chairs became our evening get-away...a quick bike ride and we were there!

and from these chairs we saw a few boats - 

some kayaks - 

a blue heron - 

and a beautiful sunset!

Life was definitely good =)

Now, all cleaned up and hitting the 'boards' the last night....

while Ronnie and I checked out this place - 

and we weren't disappointed -

Yep, definitely some place we will visit again.

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