First Major Purchase....

Chase and Cierra are both starting a new chapter (so to say) and are about to learn first hand how to live within their means. They both made a major purchase for which they are financially responsible. Wow.

Cierra turned 16 on Monday but doesn't actually her driver's license yet. But....she does have a car!

This means that once the fair is over and she's settled into her Jr. year she will be looking for a job and learning how to live on a budget.  =)  I don't think that's really a problem because she is very frugal already.  

Now Chase....well, he's pretty much like me, lol!  His purchase was more like a toy - 

It was pretty interesting watching him make his first 'business transaction'...

Chase's payment is less than Cierra's but he'll have to work just as hard.  

We are proud of both and know they will be successful.  Congratulations =)

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