iDisorder -

do you have it?

This TOTALLY cracks me up. 

Ok, so I listen to John Tesh and definitely entertain my family.  He always has such an insight into all matters of life.  Just last week, he said that if you chew your food 20 times before swallowing you will lose weight.  Hmmm...

Once home (it was one of those nights where everyone ate something different) we sat down to eat.   I tend to eat fast.  Always have.  Always will.  Maybe it's because I am the one that usually cleans up. Maybe it's because I'm hyper.  Maybe it's just because it's what I do.  Anyway.  At one point, Cierra asked me if I wasn't hungry because I was eating slow.   So I dished.  Of course they all cracked up because it doesn't really make sense to chew cereal 20 times, lol!

Anyway, yesterday he talked about this book.  Basically it's about those people that MUST have their cell phone.  They sleep with it.  It's the first thing they pick up in the morning.  They panic if they can't find.  You can't carry on a conversation with them because they are never listening.  Pretty much you have to compete with their iPhone and they just rarely lay it down. 

Don't get me wrong, I do LOVE technology.  I love my iPhone, iPad, Macbook.  Without question. But, it's not my oxygen and I can survive without it for extended periods of time.

I am going to admit though that while it wouldn't be fair for me to accuse certain people (just like AA, they have to admit first), I do know of at least two people in my life that I feel have iDisorder.  How about you? 

You have to read some of the excerpts from this book.  Click HERE

Enjoy.....it's FRIDAY EVE!

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  1. I love it !!! I think I have the disorder !!!! Yikes …..
    Hugs my friend !!